Advancement in maternal health: they produce and distribute a supplement to prevent preeclampsia

Based on studies on the role of calcium in the prevention of preeclampsia, led by the Dr. José Belizan, President of the Institute of Clinical and Health Effectiveness (IECS), the Laboratory of Medicinal Specialties (LEM) of the City of Rosario began to produce calcium carbonate supplements.

This supplement, crucial to prevent preeclampsia, a complication that can affect women from 20 weeks of gestation, will be distributed free of charge to those who begin their prenatal care in the municipal centers of Rosario.

Dr. Belizán, current senior researcher at the IECS Maternal and Child Health Research Department, dedicated his work to applied research in health during pregnancy. For some years now, the IECS has been exploring the viability of make up for the nutrient deficiency through fortification in tap water and flour.

Dr. Belizán's discovery, discovered several decades ago, led the World Health Organization (WHO) to make a formal recommendation for supplementation as part of prenatal care. 

At the IECS we celebrate this advance, since it not only represents a step forward in the prevention of preeclampsia and maternal health in general, but also highlights the importance of scientific research as a driver of tangible improvements to promote public policies and improve the global health of the population.