About us

The Argentine Cochrane Center of the Institute of Clinical and Health Effectiveness (IECS) is part of the Cochrane Collaboration and the Ibero-American Cochrane Network (RCIB), both non-profit organizations and in collaboration with the Rosarino Center for Perinatal Studies (CREP). and the Italian Hospital University Institute (IUHI), we lead Cochrane Argentina.


Our mission is to facilitate clinical and health decision-making based on the best scientific evidence available.

How do we do it?

We conduct systematic reviews of medical literature and meta-analyses, produce methodological research on systematic reviews and topics related to evidence-based medicine, and provide assistance to relevant projects and research.


Our team has developed pioneering tools to improve the conduct of systematic reviews.


EROS synthesizes Early Review Organizing Software, this is a software development that streamlines the selection and evaluation of articles.


It is the software that replaces EROS and was adopted globally, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation.

we do work At the request of international organizations, governments, health systems and scientific societies, disseminating research crucial for our region. 

Contributions to Global Health

In chronic Chagas disease in adults

Food fortification with calcium

Gonorrhea in Latin America and the Caribbean

Colorectal and Breast Cancer

We lead research clubs about COVID-19, including testing recommendations, false negatives of the PCR, post-COVID multisystem inflammatory syndrome in Latin America and incidence and transmission of asymptomatic infections.


Commitment to the Community

With 138 systematic reviews and 40 Cochrane and Non-Cochrane protocols since our founding in 2017, we are committed to excellence in research and the dissemination of knowledge that transforms healthcare.

Together with Maternal and Child Health Research Department We lead international studies supporting the safety and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine in pregnant women.



Systematic reviews: scientific evidence first

Systematic reviews are a fundamental tool for decision-making in public health and clinical medicine, since they allow obtaining a complete summary of the existing evidence and, if appropriate, also provide accurate estimates of the effectiveness or safety of a specific intervention.