Maternal and Child Health Research Department

Who we are and what we do?

We are a team dedicated to generating evidence and developing interventions for reproductive, maternal, child and perinatal health.

Our specific purpose is to contribute, through research and generation of high-quality evidence to reproductive, maternal, child and perinatal health, to improve and guarantee the global health of people with the capacity to become pregnant, girls, boys and adolescents.

Our Approach: Health Priorities, Innovative Solutions and Scientific Evidence

Our observational and epidemiological surveillance studies have the purpose of establishing health priorities at a regional and global level. Through rigorous clinical trials, we identify interventions and evaluate their effectiveness to develop strategies for their adoption and implementation, ensuring that we actively engage the community and all stakeholders in the health system with a rights-centered perspective. We thus fulfill our purpose of training health professionals in research methods and evidence-based clinical practices to ensure the quality and validity of the processes in quality clinical care.

Research Areas

Maternal immunization 
Calcium supplementation for the prevention of preeclampsia and eclampsia
Care during labor and delivery, postpartum hemorrhage
Prevention of vertical transmission of diseases such as Chagas, Syphilis and Zika.
sexual and reproductive health

IECS: leader in maternal and child research

More than 160 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals in the last 5 years and more than 50 research projects cutting-edge to improve reproductive, maternal, child and perinatal health.

Our Contributions to Maternal Health

Childbirth and puerperium care: recommendations for a positive experience

The IECS works in collaboration with the World Health Organization to promote a positive birth and postpartum experience for all pregnant people. Within this framework, we develop recommendations for care that levels public policies and current practices in health facilities, ensuring care that guarantees human rights. Additionally, we conducted a pilot study in maternity hospitals in Argentina and Tanzania to evaluate this toolkit in real-world settings.

Calcium supplementation: a pillar for maternal health

The IECS has been a major contributor to its research studies in formulating recommendations on calcium supplementation in pregnant women, a key intervention to promote maternal health worldwide and prevent eclampsia.

IECS works to improve the measurement of maternal health around the world

Within the framework of the “Improving Measurements in Maternal Health” initiative, the IECS worked together with prestigious institutions in the validation of indicators closely linked and causally related to the reduction of maternal mortality and, fundamentally, with the achievement of universal coverage. health in different countries such as Ghana, India, and the interior of Argentina.