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Graphic summaries of scientific publications, which facilitate their reading and dissemination.

What happens with Lung Cancer in Argentina?

Publication date: April 2024
Original Source
IECS authors: Alcaraz A, Colaci C, Silvestrini C, Cairoli F, Espinola N, Comolli M, Stacco V, Loewy M, Argento F, Augustovski F.

How much are governments willing to curb production and consumption to save lives?

Publication date: December 2023
Original Source
IECS authors: Adolfo Rubinstein, Adrian Santoro, Alejandro L. Lopez Osornio, Ariel L. Bardach, Emiliano Navarro, Cintia Cejas, Federico Augustovski, Andrés L. Pichon-Riviere.

Antimicrobial Resistance in Latin America

Publication date: December 6, 2023
Original source: CDC.
IECS authors: Dr. Ariel Bardach y Dr. Agustín Ciapponi

Shingles in Latin America

Publication date: November 9th 2021
Original source: PLOS ONE.
IECS authors: Ariel Bardach and Agustín Ciapponi