Dissemination for the Impact of Knowledge (UDIC)

We are the Dissemination Unit for the Impact of Knowledge (UDIC) of the IECS and our mission is to enhance the impact and global effect of the institute's actions.

Meet our work team

We develop communication strategies and materials to disseminate scientific publications, research projects and other IECS achievements and initiatives to our target audience.


“Powerplant” of products and communication actions

Press Campaigns

More than 3.000 appearances in mass media in the 20 years of history of the IECS.

Infographics About Research Projects

Visual and concise representation of the results of some research projects.

Visual Abstracts

Graphic summaries of scientific publications, facilitating their reading and dissemination. See here

Publication Delivery

Realization of quarterly delivery with our scientific publications. See more

Audiovisual Productions for Scientific Dissemination

Audiovisual products that publicize the IECS initiatives. See here


Digital magazines that compile the IECS production of the previous year: publications, projects, educational activities and more from the previous year. See here


We create our own informative websites based on scientific evidence to influence health decision-makers and support public policies.

Safe in Pregnancy


Sugary drinks

Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya

Value Framework


If you are a journalist and wish to contact us, do not hesitate to do so.

Mariana Comolli: mcomolli@iecs.org.ar